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SBTT for Joomla!™ FAQ

How do I install SBTT for Joomla!™

From your Joomla! administration area,
click Extensions > Extension Manager > Install > Browse for plg_sbtt14.zip > Upload.
Now go to Extension > Plugins and enable SBTT.

What image options are included with SBTT?

Version 1.0 includes 11 Image options.  
The top image is the active image and the bottom image is the mouseover or hover image.
bluemetalcircle bluepill clearsphere default greenmetalcircle greentriangle monobluearrow purplepaint redmetalcircle redtriangle smoketriangle

How do I use my own image?

Upload your image using the Media Manager.

Go to the plugin configuration and choose select next to Choose Custom Image in the Basic Settings.

Browse to and select your image.

Note:  Your image should be 48px wide by 96px high.  If you want to use a different size, you will need to override the css.

How do I use custom css?

The custom css will only be limited by the capabilities of css.

Your custom css must use the following class names:

  • Image Mode
    • #sbttA
    • #sbttHover
    • #sbttA:active
  • Text Mode
    • #sbttA
    • #sbtta:hover
Once you have your css ready, go to the plugin configuration under Custom CSS and enable the override and place your css in the custom css text area.
The default css used by SBTT is available in this section as well.

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